The company voicemail that your 80-yr old secretary recorded just isn’t cutting it anymore. Your noisy and breathy self-made explainer video isn’t drumming up the amount of business you deserve. Your ‘family-friendly’ cartoon mascot has a voice that makes babies cry. Your corporate safety program put everyone to sleep! As the infomercials always say –“There has to be a better way!” Let Michael Schwalbe and What He Said Voiceovers give your project the breath of life it needs!

Your product needs a professional voice. Your business needs an engaging and authoritative first impression. Your service needs a trustworthy, believable tone in advertising. Michael Schwalbe will give you that sound. A staggering breadth of flexibility combined with a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction has given Michael Schwalbe accolades and rave reviews from around the entire world– just check out the Testimonials section!

Michael Schwalbe is The Voice You Need to Succeed, Guaranteed!

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