Marketing Your Business Effectively – A Quick and Easy Checklist!

Nothing reassures a potential client like the appearance of professionalism. If you’re a small-to-midsize business or start-up, you might be so inundated with the day-to-day minutiae of staying afloat that you neglect the most important part of the business – your brand, image, and reputation. Brand and image are what differentiates your business from your competitors. Don’t you want to make sure that you come out on top? Here are some quick and easy ways to set yourself apart from the crowd, and improve your image in the marketplace:

1. Spend the money to hire a professional graphic designer.
In the world of business, being frugal and using company resources wisely are paramount to success. It can be difficult to know which investments will pay the highest dividend. Take it from us – hiring a professional graphic designer to create your logo and branding is the best money you can spend. Short of a great portfolio, nothing says ‘quality’ quite like a slick, well-produced logo and brand.

2. Think globally.
This is obviously dependent on your industry, but look outside your city, your state, your country. It’s likely that you have opportunities to connect with and market yourself to clients around the globe that you haven’t been thinking about. Furthermore, by contacting clients outside your personal location, you might be tapping into a market that has no exposure to your local competitors, giving you their business without much work at all!

3. Get an amazing business card.
This point also goes back to #1, but the number of people we network with who don’t have a memorable business card (or just don’t have one at all) is shocking. This is the cardinal sin of business. Face-to-face networking is one of the most powerful tools to meet new clients and new resources, and if you don’t have a card, you’re mostly wasting your time, and making yourself look bad. Consider using interesting materials, like plastic or paperboard. We met one musician who had business cards made of metal! Be creative.

4. Use handwritten notes and physical mailers.
We live in a world of spam. Email clutter gets completely ignored by the majority of people. How do you get around that? Put something in their hands, something of actual value. Send out really nice personally-branded pens to your clients. Mail them a handwritten note just to say how much your appreciate their business. People will remember!

5. Hire a professional voice actor for your phone system, your ads, and your website.
Nothing ruins a slick brand or a great ad more quickly than a bad voiceover. Hiring a professional voice talent is not the huge hassle or expense you think it is, either. Use a professional like Michael Schwalbe at What He Said Voiceovers, LLC, and he will ensure that your business has “The Voice You Need to Succeed– Guaranteed!” An engaging, believable, friendly, and professional voice actor will give your brand and your image the polish it needs to stand out. See Michael Schwalbe’s past work, demo reels, and testimonials at