New Blog Post – Misconceptions of Hiring a Voice Actor

6 Common Misconceptions about Using Voiceovers for Your Business

The voiceover industry is a wide and multifaceted one, but at best it can be a bit of a mystery to people who are not directly involved in it, and at worst, downright intimidating! Especially if you are a business owner or manager considering using voiceovers to enhance your advertising or other areas of your business, you may think that voice actors are difficult to come by, expensive, or any number of other untrue attributes. However, the reality is much more convenient, easy, and hassle free! We sat down with professional voice actor Michael Schwalbe and asked him what he feels are the most common misconceptions people have about the voiceover industry. Here’s what he thinks!

“Voice actors are just for commercials.” False! Although it’s definitely a good idea to utilize voice actors for any radio or television ads you require, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate voiceovers into your business. Phone system greetings, internal instructional and/or safety films, website video content, and more can all benefit from hiring a professional– do you want to trust your new client’s first impression to an inexperienced voice? It could cost you!

“Voice actors are prohibitively expensive.” False! While broadcast media has a few extra costs associated with radio and television voice acting, creating voicemail, phone systems, web videos, Youtube narration, and other non-broadcast media can be extremely simple, easy, affordable and fast. And this type of content is what makes your business look and sound more professional!

“I’ll have to do the rest of the work myself.” False! Many voice actors are multi-talented when it comes to the craft of voiceover. Recording, production, mixing and mastering, music composition, even script writing can frequently be done for you all in the same project. It’s a good idea when hiring a voice actor to ask about those things in advance and see what they may be able to bundle into the deal for you. For instance, Michael Schwalbe has great relationships with professional composers, songwriters, studios, and engineers around the world who can lend their talents to your project for very little additional cost.

“Voice acting is so easy, anybody should be able to do it.” False! There are a lot of charlatans out there claiming to be “voice actors” when really they have no professional training and little to no equipment suitable for producing professional recordings. The best thing you can do for your business is do your research when hiring voice actors, and go with someone who has lots of experience, testimonials, and established demo reels.

“It’s easier to work with a voiceover clearinghouse than individual actors.” False! Many voiceover clearinghouses are hubs for people pretending to be professionals, wasting your time with dozens of sub-par submissions and forcing you to pay hosting fees for the privilege of going through them. Worse, the clearinghouse usually refuses to allow you to communicate directly with the talent, making direction nearly impossible and edits/revisions totally out of the question. Skip the headache and the hassle and go directly to the individual actor!

“Finding and hiring a quality voice actor is extremely difficult.” False! Whereas a google search will turn up dozens of self-proclaimed voice actors with dubious levels of talent, hiring quality takes only a simple phone call or email to Michael Schwalbe —and where it used to be an extremely complicated, time-consuming process that involved renting out a studio, hiring a producer and an engineer, paying equipment fees, and more, the modernization of audio technology means that professional voice talent like Michael Schwalbe can produce crystal-clear, broadcast-quality audio from their own professionally-equipped home studios. Not needing to rely on external studios means lightning-fast turnarounds, effortless editing and revisions, and no-nonsense flat fees without nickel-and-diming.

Incorporating voiceovers into the public face of your business can be a great way to present yourself professionally, put potential clients at ease, and show your best face to the world. That’s exactly what Michael Schwalbe and What He Said Voiceovers, LLC is passionate about. Give him a call today to discover how he can help you—and your business—succeed.

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