New campaigns, new clients, and new demos!

I don’t know about you, but for me, the last 6 months have been an absolute whirlwind, particularly in the world of commercials and videogames! A national (union) TV, internet, and radio campaign for Wendy’s started this latest stretch of awesomeness, and what made it even more fun was getting to work alongside my dear friend Andy Barnett who was the announcer, while I was a screaming howler monkey character. Then, a large series of Saudi Arabian medical training animations put me in the role of casting director, as I cast 8 actors and voiced about 10 characters myself. That was apparently warm-up practice for the largest game project I have been privileged to work on so far – Eternal CCG, by Dire Wolf Digital.

Eternal is a digital strategy card game, similar to Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering, and it has been a many-month project now, that has had me wearing a whole bunch of hats – casting director, project manager, session director, and principle voice talent. We’ve cast 25 actors for a total of 370+ roles (!!!), and I voiced some 50 of those roles myself. It’s been a learning experience and a humbling one, at times, but the final result we’ve created has been spectacular, and getting to work with so many other talented actors has been a ton of fun. Set 2 for Eternal is coming out very soon, and you can download the game for free on Steam.

Another amazing experience during the last few months has been my first TV show narration – Long Range Reality, airing on the Sportsman Channel. Season 1 is wrapped and Season 2 will be starting soon – it’s been so much fun narrating the adventures of the competitive shooting teams as they aim for victory. I can’t wait to start Season 2!

I could write a novel about all the other wonderful clients I’ve had during the last few months, including Pfizer, Harrah’s Casino, Nissan North America, Pepsi/Aquafina, live-announcing the 19,000-attendee DECA awards, and about 8 other videogames, but rest assured that I am so grateful, and so blessed, and so thankful for all of them that it would indeed take a novel to do them all justice.

I’m also thankful for the amazing talents of producer Chuck Duran. Last month I flew out to LA to spend two days in the studio working with Chuck on four new demos — Promo, TV Narration, Commercial, and Videogame. They sound INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for your work, Chuck. The new demos are live on my website now and if you haven’t heard them yet — go LISTEN!

That’s all for now! Stay cool this summer!