New videogames, new ad campaigns, new audiobook, GDC 2016, and more!

Lots of exciting stuff happening in the world of What He Said Voiceovers, LLC right now!

First and foremost, I am preparing to fly out to San Francisco to attend this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, which starts March 14th.  Last year was my first year to attend, and it directly resulted in a ton of great connections, a ton of great experiences, and a ton of new work!  Despite not even having my videogame demo ready last year, I made a connection that resulted in narrating 35+ characters for WAKFU Raiders, and another connection that led to my ongoing work with Magic & Mirrors, the developers behind the super exciting, super fast sci-fi game NELO.  Hopefully this year, now that I know what to expect, now that I have my videogame demo ready, and now that I’ll be there for the entire week, I’m expecting even better results!

Speaking of NELO, we just launched our official Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign, and it is absolutely worth checking out.  I’m being featured as principal voice actor and performance consultant, and the game itself is incredibly slick and well-made.  Another game I’m excited to be working on is Last of the Disciples, and a lot of other fantastic voice talent will be working with me on that one, including Rachael Messer and Todd Haberkorn!  I don’t have too much info about that yet as it’s very much still in-progress, but stay tuned!

In the corporate world, I’m in the middle of recording a sizable ad campaign for Wild Wing Cafe, so pay attention to your TVs and radios — 6 regional radio ads and 2 TV ads will be coming at you!  And lastly, the negotiations have just concluded on my very first audiobook, which I will begin working on shortly.  Phew!

Though it might sound like I’m over my head with busy-ness, I still guarantee that I’ll have time for YOUR project.  Send me an email!  I look forward to talking to you, and giving your project “The Voice You Need to Succeed – Guaranteed!”

~Michael Schwalbe