Videogame Domination, and other exciting stuff!

Well, it’s been a very busy few months here at What He Said Voiceovers, LLC. Lots of exciting new projects!

Check out the Video section to see some new uploads! A couple new radio spots for Wild Wing Cafe and Main Event both aired regionally, and an excerpt from a TV pilot for Motopedia features the sexy Range Rover SVR. Lastly, you can watch a rather unique PSA I narrated for the state of Arizona about voting — they originally asked me to perform metal vocals, but as the session went and they saw just how heavy and brutal my metal vocals can be, they opted for some wailing rock vocals instead. Definitely one of the most interesting sessions I’ve had!

Over in the Character Art section, you can find some new stills from Heroes of the Seven Seas, a VR videogame created by MirageVR in China. I voiced 15 characters myself, and cast another 21. The game is available in the Oculus Store for purchase right now. Go check it out! You can also see the trailer for Heroes of the Seven Seas in my Videos section.

Lastly, a whole slew of very exciting new videogame opportunities are in the works. I finished rewriting the script and character bios for NELO, and casting is going to begin very shortly. I’ve also recently cast characters for Morning Men, a post-apocalyptic RPG with gorgeous animation, and System Shock, the genre-defining classic sci-fi horror game being remastered by Nightdive Studios. It was fully funded on Kickstarter recently for $1.35 million! Phew! I also landed my first (and second) roles in a AAA studio’s new title, but I can’t tell you anything about that yet. 🙂

I hope you’re having a blessed autumn, and just remember — you can’t control being in the right place at the right time, but you CAN be in the right places! So find your right places and camp out in ’em!

~Michael Schwalbe